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2018/2019 SEASON

Oxfordshire Short Mat Bowling Association (OSMBA)

The format for the 2018-19 season has reverted back to just playing the teams in your division once (home and away) giving a total of 14 matches in the season.

A round robin competition will be organised later with all 16 teams eight from Division 1 and eight from Division 2 taking part.

The club have retained the services of Tom Waring for the coming sesaon as Short Mat Captain.

The match format for the league matches remains the same and consists of two three wood triples.

The format of the knockout cup will be published later by the league management committee.

Progress 2018/2019

W ith just a couple of games to play before the Christmas break, Kingston Kites have fallen rapidly down the table after a promising start and are currently second from bottom.



In the Meg Plass competition a new name will appear on the cup, after a very close run competition, congratulations go to John Brown who wins the trophey for the first time.

The 2018/2019 season results will appear below.



Kingston Bagpuize and Southmoor Bowls club came into existence in late 1990 when the Short Mat Bowling Club was formed. It quickly became a very successful club operating two teams and boasting several county players and one England international. Matches and Club nights which were originally held in Southmoor village hall were very popular with two mats operating fully with other members having to wait in the wings for the next roll-up game to start.

The club won a number of honors during this period.

1996-97 Division 1 Winners (Kingston Gunners)

1997-98 VWHDC Division 1 Winners (Kingston Gunners)

2003-04 VWHDC Division 2 Winners (Kingston Bagpuize & Southmoor)

2005-06 VWHDC Division 2 Winners (Kingston Bagpuize & Southmoor)

Individual League Competition honors include:-

1996-97 County Fours Winners (L Foster, A Foster, A Atkins, P Mortel)

The opening of the full size all weather outside bowling green along the Old Oxford Road resulted in the club just playing short mat in the winter months thus joining the Winter league and dropping out the the short mat Summer league. Unfortunately this resulted in a number of the very keen short mat bowlers electing to leave the club and join other local teams (Grove) as they needed to play short mat bowls all year round to maintain their developed skill levels.

When the Outdoor Bowls Club clubhouse was extended playing short mat bowls was transferred from the village hall to the bowls club. There is only enough space for one short mat but the enthusiasm of the current short mat members is as strong as ever.

Short Mat roll-ups are held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2.00pm throughout the winter months.


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Last Updated 29 November 2018